AJAX SEARCH for WooCommerce and WordPress

AJAX SEARCH for WooCommerce and WordPress
Last update: February 16, 2021, 7:27 pm
Gutenberg Optimized: Yes
High Resolution: Yes
Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

AJAX SEARCH for WooCommerce and WordPress - 1 AJAX SEARCH for WooCommerce and WordPress - ajaxsearch - AJAX SEARCH for WooCommerce and WordPress

The AJAX SEARCH for Woocommerce plugin is a very powerful and easy to use tool that converts a simple search input into a powerful multifunctional live search box without refreshing the page.

It helps your customers search for more products and you sell more products.

The AJAX SEARCH for Woocommerce plugin allows your users to search for products in your shop/website, and it shows the search results in real-time.
The search bar is the most common tool for any type of website but it’s often not performing well, it only shows a limited amount of products and it’s slow and difficult to use.

The features of a great search form are those that make all the catalog products easy and quick to find, thanks to an immediate search that also allows using tags, categories, and product codes to look for a product.

Plus, great features are also those who transform the search into a marketing tool, letting you show a product preview that perfectly suits users’ needs, or highlight particular discounts and promotions in the search results.

Features list:

  • Display the search box anywhere

You can display the search box into any page, as a widget & even replace the traditional wordpress search box.

  • Display product preview

For better usability, you can show an image of the product ( you can also choose its position and size) in the search results preview

  • Display the price of the products

Display also the price in the search results preview and highlight discounts and promotions

  • Display Variable products

Search not only for content of parent variable products but across all its variations

  • Display a short description of the products

Display helpful information about the product in the search preview

  • Products with promotions

Add a customizable label to highlight discounted and promotional products. Sale, out of stock and featured labels available!

  • Advanced search

To make your products easier to find and to improve the quality of the user experience in your shop, you have the possibility to allow customers to search for keywords in the title, description or excerpt. Not only that but you can only Search in the post meta

  • Search form

The search form is customizable, starting with the search input label, search button, you can set up a minimum number of characters and a maximum number of search results.